while working with Language service providers, you are highly likely to come across few terminologies that are used extensively. This post is dedicated to making you familiar with some of the most frequently used terminologies in the translation industry. It is important to get these terminologies right. Hope that this post is yet another valuable addition to our blog that provides you with real information.

Translation – It is the process of converting one written language into another language.

Interpretation – It is the process of converting spoken language into another language.  There are different types of interpretation that are utilized depending on the occasion and audience.  The process of converting sign communication into text or speech is also referred to as interpretation.

Internationalization – It is the process of ensuring that your product language is ready for international markets. Product language that is internationalized also makes localization easy and feasible.

Localization – Localization is the process of adapting the product language in accordance with the local language, its culture and norms. It is performed to ensure that the product is efficiently reached to local audiences keeping in view the local circumstances and at the same time, keeping the message consistent.  Even though localization can be of any products, in recent year most of the localization has been mainly utilized by companies to localize their technology.

Transcription – It is the process of converting speech in the form of a written document. Put simply, transcription is conversion of spoken words into text.

Machine Translation – Conversion of written text into another language completed through computer software is known as machine translation. There is no human involvement during the whole process. Consequently, the process is quick but lacks accuracy. The precision that this process offers has improved over the years and is expected to provide much more efficient translations in coming years.

Translation Memory – It is a an organization based and managed database that consists of meaning of particular words, phrases and sentences that could be reused in the future translations.

Transcreation – t is the process of smartly and creatively working with a language to make it adaptable for local audiences. This is not word to word translation and transcreator can even change the words or sentences used to effectively communicate the message, until the message to be conveyed remains consistent.  This term is mainly used by marketing and advertising firms when translating ads to different languages.