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Ethical Responsibilities of Translators and Interpreters

When offering any type of translation or interpretation services, there will always be an element of ethical responsibility expected of you. This applies whether you offer spoken translation(interpretation) services or fulfill client’s document translation needs. [...]

Importance of Interpreters When Negotiating in a Foreign Language

Business and contract negotiations take time and effort. They’re not easy even for those dealing in their own language. What about when it comes to foreign languages. You’ll need to make sure you get all [...]

Important Translation Terminologies

while working with Language service providers, you are highly likely to come across few terminologies that are used extensively. This post is dedicated to making you familiar with some of the most frequently used terminologies [...]

Brief analysis on type of translation services available for businesses

Translation services are an integral part of many businesses that work in various parts of the world or have people who speak different languages and belong to different ethnicities. Translation services in such an organization [...]

3 things to consider when translating document

Translating a document isn’t merely about replacing each word with a synonym in another language. There is a complete science to it and mastering it, like any other skill, takes years of experience and practice. [...]

Welcome to Languages pro’s Blog

Languages pro welcomes its visitors, followers and subscribers to its blog. This blog is primarily intended to enlighten our audiences with latest updates, news and some facts about the translation and interpretation industry from all [...]

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