Translation services are an integral part of many businesses that work in various parts of the world or have people who speak different languages and belong to different ethnicities. Translation services in such an organization become vital, and the quality of translation performed becomes an imperative part.

Below are some of the options that are available to such businesses. Moreover, it’s a brief analysis of the cost that these option, incur in contrast with the value they promise to deliver.

Freelance Translators:
Freelance translators for various languages can be reached through different online marketplaces, upwork, freelance and fiverr to name few. Hiring Freelancer is a cost effective solution that brings you amazing value compared to the cost involved. This being said the process of finding the ‘right’ freelancer can be extensive and is highly prone to uncertainty. Moreover, the value that a freelancer brings to the table cannot be precisely quantified. A qualified reviewer is still required, which can raise the cost significantly.  Freelance translators are an acceptable option with a one time or a small project, but working with them on tong-term projects can be challenging for any organization.

Office based translators:
Office based or in house translators generally play a side-role of being translators. They are often given core responsibilities and occasionally their translation expertise are utilized. This is a great option for highly sophisticated industry who is looking to occasionally translate the documents in one or two languages.  As an individual will already be adept with industry’s terminologies and can add more value to the translated document than a translator who doesn’t have basic know-how of that very industry.

Despite this, just knowing more than one language doesn’t necessarily make you a professional translator. Moreover, increased work load can lower the morale of the employee and can distract him/her from their core responsibilities. They can play their part more effectively while communicating with Languages Service Providers (LSPs) and ensuring exquisite quality from their side.

Language Service Providers (LSPs):
These are translation companies and their core business is to provide linguistic services to businesses and individuals.  They have a pool of linguists available for different languages and have translators who are working in-house and on contract basis. They can ensure highest quality of work with the shortest turnaround time. Reason being; they have multiple professional linguists for each language and can easily divide the larger project between multiple translators to significantly decrease the project delivery time. Since professional translators are involved, the cost of hiring LSP is generally little bit higher, however it provides much more value than previous two options.

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